Changing Tides

Recap of that game so far.
recap of the game so far

In the first session the new kindred of Melbourne Bob, Ana and Mark, are presented to the Prince Elizabeth Batman (daughter of the man who founded Melbourne John Batman). informed that they need to prove their worth they are sent on a mission by Bob sire Scott Cameron to intercept and hijack a courier bringing the van and it’s cargo to a warehouse in the suburb of Sunshine.
After deceiving the drivers of the van into pulling into an industrial area. The kindred threatened, cajole and eventually beat and pick pocketed the drivers and stole the van. However they soon discover that the cargo is, in fact, an RPG wielding, crazy, vampire with a very itchy trigger finger. After an explosive end to a midnight stand off in which the cargo was run over, shot and eventually blown up by a van full of high explosives in the middle of a Melbourne street. The kindred are now faced with the prospect of having to face a vampire known as the dentist.

In the smoking crater in the middle of the road an old vampire sees the night sky for the first time since he was accidentally imprisoned 60 years ago. Dishevelled and near the point of frenzy due to hunger he makes his way to one or the few places that he recognises in this brave new world, the Sunshine RSL. As he is about to enter he finds himself abducted and forced into the boot of a car.

Arriving for their appointment they are confronted with a tough talking, cigar smoking, vampire, interrogating a screaming another kindred with a blow torch. She teams them up with two other vampires one being the ex-military fledging Marcus Jackson the other having been recently unstaked and taken down from the wall of the Elysium escaped Nazi Hir Smizt (let me know if I got that name correct) then sends coterie on a mission to investigate a group of ghouls who were kidnapping and draining local Kindred.

Not really knowing where to look for these ghouls the coterie find themselves investigating a dubious pub named Hammer and Tongs in the small town of Rye they found them selfs at a loss of where to look next when suddenly a car pulls up over the road from the pub and the Ghouls pile out ready to eat their latest captive who then jumps out at them and quenches his thirst. After a long battle the vampires take out the ghouls and free their captive.

In the last game after finishing off the mission to hunt down and take out a number of rouge ghouls in Sorrento and Rye. The coterie are invited to a party hosted by one of the most powerful harpies in Melbourne and after some rather awaked moments they are given a dire warning.

After the party they all rest at their various hide outs. However needing to feed Bob goes out in search of food and in St. Kilda at 3am all we could find was a drunken clubber. Leaving her passed out in the bathroom, he quickly discovers his mistake as he is now intoxicated himself. Making his way back to the Garage where he was spending the night he nearly get himself and another of the coterie caught by the sun.

The next evening the group of vampires who are staying the garage are awoken by the sudden and unwelcome entrance of molotov cocktail. They then quickly discover that there is a posse waiting for them to leave. They manage to sneak out relatively unharmed. Meanwhile the other two kindred are awoken by violent intruder they manage to fight him off and make their escape. The coterie all receive a txt telling them they there has been a blood hunt called on them and to meet someone up in the small city of Sheppaton in the north of Victoria.

Running from the hunt
recap of the game on the 23/09

Hold up in a Carthian safe house in Sheppaton the Kindred are faced with a choice do they join the Caithian movement in Melbourne and attempt to start the overthrow of the old order. Or do they cut their losses and go on the run to another city.
After some advice from Daria they eventually decide to escape to Adelaide, however on the way to they are accosted by four ambitious Kindred in a landrover. What looked like it was about to turn into a bloody combat was Quickly defused by some fast talking from Ana. The kindred make the remaining journey incident free and have scouted the lay of the land and have found a temporary haven above the dubious ‘Pizza Ho’s’ run by Mr Ho.


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