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Vampires of Melbourne

Elizabeth Batman

the Prince of Melbourne she is the Youngest daughter of John Batman who founded the city. She is an old and powerful Ventrue who has seen the city of Melbourne grow around her. A vampire who intended to use her influence to secure his own position sired her. However after a year of living in servitude to the older vampire she woke up early one night and diabolised him. Soon after as Melbourne grew she established her self as it’s Prince, a title that she has held for over 100 years now. She is the head of the Invictus movement in Melbourne and therefore Victoria. However most of this could just be made up all anyone really knows about her is that she is old and possibly slightly crazy.

Thomas Gellibrand

the Seneschal, little is known about this Davra life before his embrace or who sired him. What is known is that he came to the city during the gold rush and managed to work his way up vampire society to become the Princes most trusted underling. His main job is to maintain the status quo within Melbourne. Is a member of the Invictus.

The Dentist

the Sheriff of Melbourne, named because her favourite punishments is to remove a vampire’s teeth making it much harder for them to partake of the claret. His is a Gangeral. Is also a member of the Invictus.

Douglas Segar

is the Herald, he is a Nosvartue, where he lives or how he finds newly embraced kindred so easily no one knows.

Carl McQuean

is a Davra and head of Lacan Sactem, Davra Prima and member of the circle of Primigen in Melbourne. He lives in a South Yarra penthouse that over looks the temple of the winds.

Patrica Hoy

the master of Elysian in Melbourne, she is a Nosvartu with a bad temper and is known to make sure that disrespectful welps wake up to bright sunshine is they cause trouble.

Scott Cameron

owner of Cameron’s transport solutions also a Mekett and the Prima of the Mehkett clan in Melbourne and a member of the circle of Primigen. His main role is the movement of Vampires in and out of the city making sure that they all present themselves to the Prince.

Alice Clarke

is a Venture while she has no official power she is unofficial harpy and member of the invictus. Her parties are held in her house out in Elthem and are ledandy events for those who take an active role in the dance macabre to be invited is an honour that must accepted with caution because on more then one occasion a blood hunt has been called for seems like only a minor transgression. It is rumoured that her parties are held so that new vampires can be tested and removed if they are seen to be a potential problem in the future.

Daria NG

is a young Kindred whose short hair changes colour on an almost nightly bases and she is a regular in the underground music and art scene. She also seems to have a weakness for clothing that looks like it came from the early 80’s underground. To most she is a tough militant vampire who doesn’t put up with any shit. She is also a member of the secret Cathian movement in Melbourne.

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